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September 2021

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Teaching and education mini-grants in the Heritage PRA (first edition)

Date: 16.09.2021 - 31.10.2021
Teaching and education mini-grants in the Heritage PRA (first edition)
  1. Name of the call: Teaching and education mini-grants in the Heritage PRA (first edition)  
  2. Name of the PRA: Heritage PRA
  3. Name of the action(s) under which the call is announced:

The Heritage PRA announces the Heritage PRA teaching and education mini-grants (first edition) call, funded under the action ‘Incentives Programme’ for projects dealing with the areas defined in the Heritage PRA Strategy (available at: in the tab Strategy 2020-2025) and for the dissemination and practical application of their results.

  1. Name(s) of the research domain(s), name(s) of the discipline(s) addressed by the call:

Submitted in the call may be research projects in the humanities and social sciences.

  1. Prospective entrants:

Funding proposals may be submitted by academic researchers, university research-assistance staff, doctoral students and students of Jagiellonian University. A proposal may be submitted on behalf of a team comprising any number of above mentioned persons or on behalf of a JU entity.

  1. Terms of entry in the call:

Eligible under the call are projects with duration of up to 12 months. Actions planned for a teaching and education mini-grant may be co-funded from other sources on the condition that those sources be named.

A teaching and education mini-grant serves the purposes of creating innovative materials supporting the teaching process and education actions. In particular, eligible for funding are:

  • On line course notes
  • On line textbooks
  • Open on line lectures, including Massive Open Online Courses, as long as they are delivered independent of technical support on part of the Heritage PRA
  • On line educational games
  • Tools supporting on line courses, e.g. dictionaries, databases, applications
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Purchase of literature required for creating teaching and education materials
  • Teaching equipment, e.g. interactive boards, studio equipment

The goals of the teaching and education mini-grant ‘Mobility: courses and exchange’ should correspond with the goals of the EI.JU strategic programme and the Heritage PRA Strategy and, in particular, teaching and education grants in the Heritage PRA:

  • Development and implementation of new study formats integrated with research (research based learning),
  • Increasing interdisciplinarity, internationalization and community outreach of teaching and education programmes,
  • Facilitating cooperation between Jagiellonian University's employees and entities and their external partners.


  1. The call’s financial envelope is PLN 180,000.
  2. The maximum amount of funding per mini-grant is PLN 20,000.
  3. Submission dates and mode:

The call is open from 16 September to 31 October 2021, with submissions accepted exclusively on line via the system (log in using the university account credentials).

The call shall be open on the platform on 16 September 2021

Evaluation preliminary stage: 2 – 9 November 2021

  • Upon closing the call the proposals are subject to formal evaluation, in particular reviewed for completeness, correspondence with the goals of the EI.JU strategic programme and the Heritage PRA Strategy.
  • The Evaluation Committee may return a proposal and demand that it be completed within a stated period of time.
  • Proposals in which the cost estimate does not include individual eligible costs with explanation of the components and justification of the amounts adopted, rendering the evaluation of budget relevance impossible, shall be considered incomplete.
  • Projects should be planned in accordance with the principle of economy, i.e. in a purpose-oriented and purposeful manner which at the same time yields the best possible effects.
  • Work in the project should commence no earlier than 1 October 2021.
  • Proposals filled out with ineligible costs, in particular non-regulatory remuneration, shall be returned for correction.
  • The Applicant is obliged to complete an on line proposal in the system before the date indicated by the Evaluation Committee.
  • In the event of failure to make good the irregularities within the stated period of time the proposal shall be disregarded.


  1. Date and manner of announcing the results:

The call results (ranking list of the projects recommended for funding) are planned to be announced on the Heritage PRA website on 30 November 2021. Project implementation shall commence no earlier than 15 December 2021.

  1. The call committee awards the proposals points ranging from 0 to 100, provided that:
  • the proposal’s merit-based value and its teaching and education potential, taking into account its compliance with the EI.JU Strategy and goals, may be awarded up to 50 points,
  • budget relevance may be awarded up to 25 points,
  • schedule of research tasks may be awarded up to15 points,
  • collaboration with students may be awarded up to 5 points, 
  • compliance with the mission of Jagiellonian University may be awarded up to 5 points.


Proposals awarded below 30 points for merit-based value and teaching and education potential or proposals awarded below 60 points in total, shall not be awarded funding.

  1. Call’s terms and conditions:
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