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About the Excellence Initiative programme

On 30 October 2019, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced the list of 10 research universities selected in the first competition of the "Excellence Initiative - Research University" programme. Jagiellonian University belongs to the selected group.

The aim of the competition was to select and support universities that would endeavour to achieve the status of a research university and would successfully compete with the best academic centres in Europe and around the world.

Each of the participating universities could score a maximum of 40 points. Jagiellonian University received 34 points, and consequently, it came third in the competition. Therefore, Jagiellonian University has found itself among ten universities in Poland that would receive a subsidy increased by 10% every year between 2020–2026. This will allow Jagiellonian University to improve competences and encourage professional development of researchers, to establish valuable international cooperation between universities, and to produce better research.

The "Excellence Initiative - Research University" programme embraces a strategy implemented by Jagiellonian University which aims at strengthening the university's international recognition. The efforts to achieve the status of a sustainable research university will primarily revolve around development of its international partnerships, research grant support, innovation of research and education, the advancement of social responsibility, globalization of science, as well as transfer of knowledge and technology.


On the basis of the SWOT analysis, 7 Priority Research Areas (PRAs) with enhanced research capabilities were selected reflecting the potential for research development of Jagiellonian University:


  • Heritage
  • FutureSoc
  • BioS
  • qLIFE
  • SciMat
  • DigiWorld
  • Anthropocene

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