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November 2021

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Research platforms in the Heritage PRA (second edition)

Date: 03.11.2021 - 24.12.2021
Organiser: Heritage PRA
Research platforms in the Heritage PRA (second edition)

IMPORTANT NOTE: call deadline extended until 24 December 2021.


  1. Name of the call: Research platforms in the Heritage PRA (second edition)
  1. Name of the PRA: Heritage PRA
  1. Name of the action(s) under which the call is announced:

The Heritage PRA announces the call Research platforms in the Heritage PRA (second edition) funded under the action ‘R2R: research to research cooperation’ for interdisciplinary research platforms implementing projects related to the areas defined in the Heritage PRA Strategy (available at: in the ‘Strategy 2020-2025’ section) and for dissemination of their results.

The action ‘R2R: research to research cooperation’ is intended to support new research teams as a space for research cooperation that brings researchers together, students and doctoral students included – those working or studying at Jagiellonian University as well as those from outside JU.

  1. Name(s) of the research domain(s), name(s) of the discipline(s) addressed by the call:

Submitted in the call may be research projects in the humanities and social sciences.

  1. Prospective entrants:

Funding proposals may be submitted by academic teachers and university research-assistance staff of the JU. The initiative of launching an interdisciplinary research platform may be put forward by a team comprising at least five members employed at Jagiellonian University The team selects a person responsible for proposal submission and contacts with the Heritage PRA and the Committee at the stage of the call for funding proposals (the Applicant).

A research platform launch proposal should be innovative, envisage interdisciplinary collaboration and be carried out by a fixed international team of collaborators.

The research platform may use a proper name in concordance with the title of the implemented project.


PLEASE NOTE: Please choose the form of application as “Group”, and fill it out in English: you will have to click on the UK flag in the display’s upper right corner.


  1. Terms of entry in the call:

A research platform is launched in order to form a research team conducting interdisciplinary and innovative research of international standing in collaboration with scholars from abroad.

The platform’s tasks include the implementation of a research programme by means of:

  • research seminars, i.e. regular seminar meetings attended by scholars with affiliation at research centres abroad, thematically related to the platform’s research problems. The seminar may be included in the curriculum of doctoral schools;
  • conferences or workshops thematically related to the platform’s research programme;
  • open lectures popularising the results of the research or other forms of popularising the results of the research and science;
  • research projects and grant proposals thematically related to the platform’s research programme;
  • scientific publications;
  • outreach and community engagement action projects.


  1. Objectives defined in the strategic programme EI.JU and the Heritage PRA Strategy for the ‘R2R: research to research cooperation’ call

The research platform established under the ‘R2R: research to research cooperation’ programme should carry out the objectives of the EI.JU programme and the Heritage PRA Strategy:

  • construction and continuous improvement of scientific organisational framework, teaching and social impact of the university through the development of an ecosystem integrating the international scholarly community with the academic community of the Jagiellonian University;
  • development of enduring and effective cooperation with international and Polish partners aimed at carrying out common research projects;
  • upgrading the innovative and interdisciplinary profile of internationally relevant research and integrating the mission of the Jagiellonian University (research, education and outreach and community engagement);
  • consolidating research collaboration with renowned foreign research institutions through increasing participation of JU scholars in international research cooperation and in the development of partnerships with foreign entities;
  • improving research and soft skills of the JU’s academic staff by supporting the advancement of researchers employed at the Jagiellonian University in the their pursuit of scientific excellence;
  • pursuing the mission of the Jagiellonian University and Polish science by supporting research on Poland as a platform for the cooperation of interdisciplinary research networks connecting researchers investigating societies, cultures, law and religions of the East-Central Europe in connection with global processes;
  • Increasing the impact of the Jagiellonian University on the advancement of science globally through supporting financially research activity aimed at increasing the number of papers published in prestigious journals and/or monographs by renowned international publishers and at increasing the success rate in applying for external funding, including international institutions;
  • increasing the social impact of the humanities and social sciences pursued at the Jagiellonian University: on the local, regional and global level.

  1. The call’s financial envelope is PLN 1,334,000.


  1. The maximum amount of funding per mini-grant is PLN 100,000 per annum. Maximum time frame for the platform’s actions: two years.


  1. Submission dates and mode: submissions will be open from 3 November 2021 until 10 December 2021 exclusively on line, in the system: (log in using the university account credentials).

Proposals shall be drawn up in English. In the case of projects submitted in the domain Interdisciplinary study of Poland in the local, regional and global perspective, where Polish is the language of communication of the project team, proposals may be drawn up in Polish.



DETAILS OF THE RESEARCH PLATFORM MEMBERS (§14.1(2) of the Terms and Conditions):


A1. EVALUATED ACHIEVEMENTS (15 points): §24.2(5) of the Terms and Conditions – refers exclusively to persons launching the platform (§8.1 of the Terms and Conditions) - use form A; a separate pdf file must be created for each person. Name:

  • up to 7 publications (in particular in SCOPUS-indexed journals and with renowned publishers of international impact) as well as
  • up to 3 research projects financed with external funds, relevant for the platform’s subject scope.




A2. RESEARCH ACHIEVEMENTS ATTACHED BUT NOT EVALUATED: permanent platform collaborators – platform members – create one common PDF for all permanent collaborators: form B. For each person name: one publication and one research project relevant for the platform’s thematic scope; optionally: instead of a project another publication may be named.


A3. PLEASE NOTE: It is also possible to name a collaboration with other persons (e.g. persons intended as lecturers, conference contributors etc.). Such persons collaborate with the platform, but they do not comprise the team (they are not permanent collaborators within the meaning of §14.1(2) of the Terms and Conditions). SUCH PERSONS MAY BE MENTIONED IN THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT.




B1. MANDATORY REQUIREMENT: The proposal must be supported with declarations of consent by the research platform’s permanent collaborators (research platform members – §14.4 of the Terms and Conditions). This refers to persons with named research achievements (both as achievements subject to evaluation and those not subject thereto – see A1 and A2). Confirmation via email is sufficient.

B2. OPTIONALLY: In the event of planned cooperation with an institution, a letter of intent must be (§14.3 of the Terms and Conditions). Please ignore the note concerning letters of intent from partners included in the provision.


  1. Date and manner of announcing the results: call results (a ranking list of projects recommended for funding) will be announced on the Heritage PRA website on: 31 April 2022.
  1. Timeframe for launching the research platforms: June 2022.
  1. Projects longer than 12 months will be subject to interim evaluation. The interim report shall be submitted within no fewer than 8 months from the project implementation start dates: 10 February or 10 September.
  1. The final report shall be submitted in the form of a report on the implementation of the project in terms of research and finance disbursement, especially with regard to the achievement of the expected result.
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